Live Your Gift (Level 2)

Passion, Purpose, and Power

5-day Immersion Retreat

You are ready to close a chapter and open a new one that is more authentic and free. You dream big and are ready to step WAY up and out.

You've done the work to get you here, it's time to LEVEL UP. 

But how? 

With us you will

  • Get clear on your vision

  • Connect with your deeper truth

  • Release what holds you back

  • Experience unconditional love

  • Align with your greater purpose

  • Step fully into leadership

  • Communicate with clarity

  • Create lasting relationships

  • Gain tools to make your dreams a reality



Happy Man


Your inner fire will burn bright with the fuel of direct experience, the oxygen of sacred space, and the powerful ignition of the horse.

Motivational Speaker


You will experience internal and external alignment with your true purpose in this life.

Portrait of black Andalusian Horse with long mane..jpg


You will experience your power as the creator of your BEING and the manifestor of your life.

You Are...
  • ready to do The Work

  • find inspiration in nature

  • drawn to horses (no experience necessary)

  • willing to embrace beginner's mind

  • committed to self-actualization 

  • ready to change your life

  • looking for love and happiness

  • responsible for yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually 


We Are...


Ezra Marrow

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Ezra brings more than 25 years as a coach and mentor. He is an originator in the field of equine guided learning, horsemanship trainer, and facilitator to Herd Spirit's programs. He is a spiritual cowboy, catalyzing change for clients and students alike.


Gita Matlock

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Gita is a coach and equine facilitator, offering her insights on purpose, passion, manifestation, and empathy into her work with clients and participants at Herd Spirit. 


"This experience gave me exactly what I didn't know I needed. It was the doorway to the most important changes I've been wanting to make, but couldn't find on my own. A safe and purely loving environment that sweetly invited the transformation I was wanting. Thank you."

"The Herd Spirit retreat was such a profound, enlightening experience. It helped to bring greater clarity and awareness into my life and to empower myself to understand that I can make continuous choices in who I want to be and become."

"Ezra and Gita create the atmosphere required for such a journey: trust, openness, transparency, intention."

With us, you will step into your passion, purpose, and power through...

Guided self-inquiry

Equine assisted learning

Powerful ceremony & sacred spaces

Tools of yoga & meditation

Catalytic force of group work

5-day Immersion Retreat

July 19 - 23, 2022
Ananda Village, Nevada City, CA

Work hard, get real, find release, get rest, get inspired, change frequencies, and get into ACTION
  • Enter the arena each day and experience the catalytic power of horses to guide you to live in your passion, purpose, and power
  • Work intimately with your coaches, Ezra and Gita, and your fellow travelers on this journey of self-actualization (max 12 participants)
  • Release what holds you back and embrace your power as the CREATOR of our life through ceremony
  • Let the power of sacred spaces across Ananda Village uplift your frequency
  • Detox from distraction in this gracefully appointed seven bedroom home that features natural building touches, wide vistas of the surrounding Tahoe National Forest, and walking access to the Herd Spirit equine center
  • Replenish your vitality with healthful vegetarian meals and daily guided meditation and yoga practices

Retreat Package Rates

Deluxe Package-Single occupancy

  • $3,665 Early Bird, now thru June 3, 2022.

  • Regular price from June 4, 2022 is $3,965.

  • Includes corresponding accommodation option for 5 nights, meals, and tuition.

Standard Package - Double occupancy

  • $3,340 Early Bird, now thru June 3, 2022.

  • Regular price from June 4, 2022 is $3,640.

  • Includes corresponding accommodation option for 5 nights, meals, and tuition.

Economy Package - Triple occupancy

  • $3,090 Early Bird, now thru June 3, 2022.

  • Regular price from June 4, 2022 is $3,390.

  • Includes corresponding accommodation option for 5 nights, meals, and tuition.

Retreat Package Details

All packages include:

  • Program tuition (Early bird $2,500, full price $2,800)

  • 3 vegetarian meals per full day, plus dinner on arrival and breakfast on departure day ($165)

  • One of the three following accommodations options for five nights (arrive on July 19, depart on July 24) (occupancy specific)

    1. Deluxe Single Occupancy: private bedroom and bathroom ($1,000)​

    2. Standard Double Occupancy: shared bedroom for two and bathroom ($675)

    3. Economy Triple Occupancy: shared bedroom for three and bathroom ($425)

Packages do NOT include:

  • Transportation to/from Ananda Village

  • Any additional services from private practitioners during your stay (massage, astrology, NSA, etc)

moksha mandir.jpg


Ananda Village, a spiritual community & place of pilgrimage in Northern California

The Herd Spirit equine center is located in the heart of Ananda Village, a thriving spiritual community for more than fifty years. Nestled in the Sierra Nevada foothills of California, Ananda Village is home to more than 200 residents who are deeply committed to their path of Kriya Yoga.


Each year, thousands of visitors come to train in yoga and meditation, enjoy personal retreats at one of Ananda's two retreat centers, or walk amongst the famous gardens of Crystal Hermitage. It's residents also run a yoga-based elementary school, small businesses, and local shops.

Aryavan and Ishani.jpg

Before I even started on this journey, I told Gita that it sounded amazing and terrifying.

Now that I’m on the other side, I can say without hesitation that it was, is, amazing and terrifying. I wasn’t ready, but I did it anyway. I was willing. And everyone that was there was willing with me.

I made the choice to show up, to be open, clear, honest, to soak in as much as possible.

What I didn’t know before going was how much I was going to set down, burn to the ground, and release back to the world.

And the most important part of it all: the horses. I’ve done so much “work” over the last few years, but it wasn’t until Nasim, Zip, and Chi looked me in the eyes and said, “Nope. Not yet. Try again.” There was absolutely no BS-ing them. I couldn’t BS myself…

I would choose Herd Spirit again in a heartbeat. For myself, my friends, for my husband (who’s going next month), for anybody that I care about. Anybody that I wish to live a little bit lighter…

Jennifer B.

People with Masks

Pandemic Protocols

Let's each do our part

We mirror state guidelines and remain up to date on the latest CDC information. 

As of now, Herd Spirit will provide a rapid COVID-19 test to Client’s upon arrival at no extra charge.


Negative results will allow Clients to attend. In the case of a positive COVID-19 rapid test, Clients without symptoms can opt to take a follow-up PCR test at an official local facility at their own expense.


This secondary test has higher accuracy and a negative result will be honored as the correct one, thus the Client can participate.


Please note that this process may delay admittance to the program by hours or even days. Clients who have a positive rapid test result will be asked to isolate at home at their own expense. 

All attendees are responsible for their health and are advised to take extra precautions in the weeks and days leading up to the program to ensure that they are able to attend.


There are no refunds for this program. Please be careful with your health and exposure in the weeks and days leading up to it in order to ensure the safety of the group and your ability to participate.

Once on site with a negative COVID-19 test, masks will be optional for guests while in Gaia House, our shared lodging and classroom.


When in public areas in Ananda Village, guests are asked to please adhere to the guidelines of each location. Please note that masks are required in many of the temples and sacred sites at Ananda Village. We ask for your agreement to honor the regulations with respect and grace.


Register Now

Registration is simple, there are three steps to take. Before you take them, we want you to agree to something important:

To attend this retreat, you will need to take this commitment seriously. We may be living in uncertain times, but there are no refunds for this program. If you agree, read on, we're ready for you. 

  1. Please read our booking terms

  2. Register today with your $1,000 nonrefundable deposit or pay in full amount 

  3. Pay remaining balance by June 3, 2022

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