"If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you." 
Ezra Marrow

Ezra Marrow

Co-Founder, Herd Spirit

Ezra Marrow is a horsemanship teacher, horse trainer, coach and originator in equine-guided learning who has been working in partnership with the horse for over 25 years. Ezra is a compassionate teacher, healer, and facilitator focused on personal growth, empowerment, spiritual understanding, and leadership for himself and his clients. His deep love of people and the journey they are on springs forward in his empathetic and dynamic teaching style. 

Ezra is also a trainer in equine guided coaching and facilitation, a modality that offers personal development and transformational trainings utilizing a unique equine guided teaching process. Working together with the horse in this powerful teaching process co-creates a profound opportunity for clients to truly embody transformational growth, personal development, and spiritual understanding… leading to life changing results!

 His strength as a teacher, his masterful horsemanship, and deep love of horses affords his clients the opportunity to create deep meaningful change. He deeply loves working with people and sharing the gift of the horse.


He and his wife Briana live on the central coast of California with their twin daughters. You can also find out more about Ezra at his website.

Gita Matlock

Co-Founder, Herd Spirit

Gita is a guide through her insights, empathy, and ability to facilitate change. Born and raised in a spiritual community called Ananda in Northern California, Gita is an equine-guided life coach and certified meditation and yoga instructor.  


Gita set out in life to change the world. She earned a bachelors in international studies from Pepperdine University and a masters in Nonprofit Administration from the University of San Francisco. On fire for social justice, she spent 20 years raising millions for outstanding humanitarian, education, and spiritual organizations. Gita has led teams or initiatives at several notable organizations in her nonprofit career including CARE, International Medical Corps, United Way of the Bay Area, March of Dimes, and Ananda Sangha Worldwide.


Gita is also an author with articles published regularly on Thrive Global and Alright Now, both wellness blogs with readership in the millions. Her self-published childrens’ book, Happy Birthday Sun, is available on Amazon today.


As a young person, Gita trained in dressage and went on to rescue abused ponies. At the height of the pandemic, horses returned to her life to usher in an intense period of transformation and growth.


Today, Gita explores the intersection of Equine Accelerated Learning and yoga. Still dedicated to change, she masterfully balances the need for inner and outer transformation. She brings her gifts of practical spirituality, her passion for social justice, and her dedication to personal growth to her work with Herd Spirit.


She now resides with her husband, their two children, and her small herd in Ananda Village, the place of her birth. Gita also serves on two local nonprofit Boards, Living Wisdom School and the Janaka Foundation, helping both to grow and share their serviceful missions with the world.

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The Horse

The Healer, Herd Spirit

The horse is a mirror of our inner truth. In her presence, we are invited to see ourselves more clearly. With us you will learn to read the language of the horse, so that you too can see what she sees. As we connect deeper to our truth and our presence, as mirrored (reflected) back to us by the horse, we are invited to evolve ourselves and the world around us. 


Herd Spirit creates space for people to transform through an embodied experience of truth, leadership, intention, and energy.

The horse thrives in the herd and thus she represents a collective energy. We are partnering with the horse to help grow ourselves, but it does not stop there. Just as a herd is interdependent, so too are we with our human family. As we become the change we wish to see in the world, we, like a ripple in a pond, expand in all directions.

The horse is our touchstone, our healer, our guide, but she is always only reflecting that power for self-healing within. The herd invites you in. All are welcome.