"I would recommend this to anyone looking for healing, clarity, and personal growth in their life." - Adam

Herd Spirit coaching sessions combine equine guided learning exercises with practices from the ancient wisdom of yoga to empower you to live your gift and love your life.


Develop true leadership


Respect and honor your emotions


Increase confidence and self esteem


Improve communication and honesty


Enhance your relationships and create connection


Develop focus and clarity


Trust your intuition

Equine Guided Life Coaching

With Gita Matlock

The wisdom of the horse is as ancient as the earth. When we enter the round pen with intention, when we invite the horse to reflect our truth and explore our way of being, the horse responds as an uncompromising partner. 

Equine-guided life coaching is a journey toward your highest potential. You bring your whole self and are met with the skill and grace of the horses and your guide, Gita. We work as a team to support you to reach your goals, heal your relationships, and deepen your experience of joy in life.

This practice combines exercises pioneered in the field of equine-assisted learning with the profound inner practices of yoga to result in rapid, measurable, practical change in your life.

$75 per session
$200 for 3 session package

Interested in this work, but unsure whether it's a fit for you? Do you have more questions? Let's talk. Schedule a free 15 minute consultation with me.



Not only was this a magical learning experience of self discovery but Gita’s true love and connection with the horses made it a safe environment for whatever came up.


As someone who spends most of my day on the computer and in my head it is really refreshing to take time to be outside with Gita and the horses. It brings me back to the present moment, into my body and into my heart and gives me fresh perspective on whatever I'm working on.


Herd Spirit with Gita has been transformative for me, a great source of healing and growth, and has brought me a tremendous amount of clarity in every session. I've been coming for regular sessions because each one is a gift. I can't recommend this highly enough.

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The Herd Spirit equine center is located in the heart of Ananda Village, a thriving spiritual community for more than fifty years. Nestled in the Sierra Nevada foothills of California, Ananda Village is home to more than 200 residents who are deeply committed to their path of Kriya Yoga.


Each year, thousands of visitors come to train in yoga and meditation, enjoy personal retreats at one of Ananda's two retreat centers, or walk amongst the famous gardens of Crystal Hermitage. It's residents also run a yoga-based elementary school, small businesses, and local shops.



My name is Gita Matlock. I am a facilitator, teacher, and a manifestor of dreams. My background is a balance of deep spiritual exploration and practical business acumen.


For twenty years I raised millions for noble nonprofit causes, manifesting everything from hospitals in the Congo to basketball courts in the Rampart District of LA. 

I was born at Ananda Village and have practiced the ancient teachings of Kriya Yoga in one form or another for longer than I can remember. I am also a certified yoga and meditation instructor.

Today, I see clients for private sessions and retreats at the Herd Spirit equine center at Ananda Village, where I live with my husband, our two young children and my herd of horses.