How It Works

Healing Equine Reflection & Discovery

We create transformational experiences for people and groups by combining equine-accelerated learning with mindfulness-based practices to help them achieve their highest potential.


We bring together practical business acumen, ancient spiritual wisdom, and decades of horsemanship to facilitate change that is both immediate and lasting.


Our private sessions, workshops, and retreats harness the natural ability of the horse to mirror truth and provide embodied wisdom to create unforgettable learning experiences for clients.


Experience leadership in this new, agile, creative world. Learn to lead by example, with intention, and true power.


Discover what your true values are. Learn to integrate your emotional, intellectual, and spiritual truth to live with integrity.


Explore how you communicate with your body, mind, and energy. Learn to master clarity of communication.


Learn to connect in relationship and partnership through empathy. Discover how to hold space for others, while remaining true to yourself.

What People Say

From learning to relax in stressful situations to communicating my needs more clearly, and really seeing the me inside that I want to be.  I hadn't noticed all the limiting habits I had or how closed off I was to others, until a horse reflected it back to me, instantly!  I now challenge myself to stay conscious to these things.  The results for me have been truly amazing and they still continue.  Thank you, I feel so blessed by this experience."

Lisa C / Workshop Participant

The workshop was direct and simple - just follow the instructions, work with the horses and you will be transformed, and gain new insight into yourself.  It was truly amazing how the horses guided our group into a new level of thought/mind/body connection.  They became intuitive guides to understanding our body language, our thought patterns, and how to become more resilient.  The horses allowed me to feel like I was playing as a child again, but with the intention of an adult.  This program took our group from start to finish in working together, establishing more trust, creating better communication and deepening our team building!  It was top notch, all in one package!

Jeffrey T. / Leader / Young Presidents Organization


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