• Gita Matlock

Into the Unknown

Something in our heart tells us that a change is needed. We look around but we don't see where to go. What we want is an answer, an end goal. What we yearn for is the safety of knowing. All we know is that we can't keep doing what we've been doing every day for the last 20 years (or more).

If this is you, you're not alone. This knowing in your heart that something is not right, but not knowing what is, can be very scary. For some, it feels like you're about to blow up your life. For others, it's less dramatic, yet highly uncomfortable.

My heart knew change was needed years before I was ready to make it happen. When finally I began to listen, I started with all my known options. I applied to every job, qualified or not, that looked interesting. I even applied to PhD programs, it's been a dream of mine long enough. Maybe now is the time? But, alas nothing felt right.

Every option felt heavy, like a choice between my family and career. So, I stopped. I took my resume and put it on my meditation altar. I stapled to it a letter I wrote to the divine, Babaji in my case. The letter was full of my yearnings.

And then I waited. That empty space felt vast, lonely, and a little sad. For me, coronavirus came just in that moment of surrender. It gave me a global pause to support my personal one.

I took stock in my life, spent time in nature and with my children. I waited until finally, something sparked in my heart. For me it was horses and what they showed me about myself. It was a career I could not have imagined, yet it's the perfect fit for me in this time and phase of life. I found it by opening to the unknown. I found it by waiting quietly, by taking a pause. I found it, or rather, it found me by following the spark in my heart.

Not knowing the destination has become my new way of being. Rather than focus on a lofty goal, I am able to adjust what I do each day based on what I know now. In doing this, I tune in to my intuition, I let the unknown lead me one step at a time. The gift of the unknown is the unlimited possibility of tomorrow and the full enjoyment and presence of today.

So here's my advice, if your heart is asking for change and your mind is looking for a strategy; stop, breathe, get quiet. Let the unknown lead you to the unlimited possibilities of your life. Drop the desire for a plan and replace it with curiosity, presence, and hope. Ask for help from your guides, but know that it's your heart's guidance you truly seek.

I promise you this: the unknown is worth it.

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