• Gita Matlock

UNCERTAINTY AND CALAMITY Find out what matters most

Last Saturday, on my way to my final Horse Dream curriculum certification training in Tomales Bay, a giant lighted billboard over the 101 freeway read "Tsunami warning, all beaches closed."

I was stunned. A literal tsunami of thoughts washed through my mind about climate change, pandemic, and the utter chaos and unpredictability of our lives.

Because of my work with horses around congruence, I allowed the thoughts and feelings to move through me unobstructed. I watched, breathed, and allowed.

Then, when the inner waves settled, I asked myself, "what do you need to feel safe?" The old voice said, "a corporate job," but the the inner being said, "nope. You have been laid off before, that's a proven wrong answer for you."

So I asked again, "what do I need to feel safe right now?" And the answer came, "Faith in yourself."

Faith is a loaded word, so I asked for clarification in my heart. What I felt and saw inwardly was me, living each day with my shoulders back, heart open, head up. I saw myself coaching, teaching, writing, speaking about what I know from direct experience of my own life.

Then, the scene changed and I saw economic collapse, I saw myself moving my horses to graze on far-flung pastures because of lack of hay. I saw myself standing in front of a cash register, checking people out at the grocery store. Even so, I saw my open heart and contagious smile. I saw how I was still able to share my gifts.

In the contrast of future potentials, I recognized how blessed I am to be able to offer my gifts in a way that is so satisfying for me, but that my gifts can be offered in a myriad of ways because my gift is simply ME...MY BEING.

When we realize how fragile life is, we remember what matters most.

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