• Gita Matlock

What Happens in the Round Pen?

Herd Spirit sessions have grown exponentially. As of last night, 25 beautiful souls have entered the round pen and received these sessions. Two more joined this practice today. Many are returning time and time again. You may wonder why? What is happening in these sessions that would call a person to enter and return? What is going on here?

Each session is unique, so it can be difficult to describe. For the sake of sharing this light, I will do my best to paint a picture for you.

When you arrive at the round pen, the sun greets you with his loving embrace. The birds in the open meadow are singing and the cool breezes of fall kiss your face. Zip and Dancer are loose in the round pen, prepared to meet you for the first time or as an old friend. They often prepare by rolling, shaking, and yawning. These are all ways that horses release energy and clear themselves. I support this with my own energy practices.

We greet and create a container and intention together, you and me. When we're ready, we enter the round pen. A prayer of intention that calls on our guides, whoever they may be, is how we begin.

This is where it becomes an intuitive flow. At times, we need to move our bodies. At times, we need to practice presence and centering with the horses. As your guide, I tune into what I see in you and in the horses. I teach you to read their signs and support you to create a connection with the horse who chooses you.

As the session progresses, your heartbeat entrains with the horse. The horse begins to reflect your inner reality. Insight and healing bubble up through the horses, through you, and through me. We see what shows up, we move through it with curiosity and self-compassion. Sometimes it is very challenging. Sometimes, it is pure love. Always it is what you need most in that moment.

Faith in these sessions is built on the experiences that are collecting in my heart and in my clients. If you too would like to experience the tranquility, truth, and healing light of horses, I invite you to join me.


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