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Live Your


2021 Spiritual Equine Retreats

Live Your Gift (Level 1)

Ananda Village, Nevada City, California

 July 30 & 31   |   Sept. 24 & 25

Guided by the wisdom and healing power of horses, you will explore the truth of your being and the unique expression of your soul in this life.


This journey is for the spiritual seeker who is ready to break through old patterns of thought and action that no longer serve you. For those seeking to live with more inner freedom, clarity, power, and purpose. 

You will know yourself, your gifts, your pain, and your purpose through the eyes of the horse. You will be changed. You will be empowered to live your gift. 

No prior horse experience is required.

The Gifts

  • Know thyself: your gift, your challenge, your path

  • Return to peace, presence, clarity, and love through embodied practices 

  • Decode the language of body, motion, and energy.

  • See the world through a new lens 

  • Speak the language of the Divine in nature

  • Be empowered to Live your Gift

Why It Works

  • Horses mirror our inner state of being, bringing to life our intuition.

  • As prey animals who have thrived in cooperative community (the herd) for millennia, they have much to teach us about leadership, harmony, and communication.

  • This retreat offers a safe container to explore your self, what beliefs and values shape your world, and what to pay attention to.

  • You will experience the healing power of horses in body, mind, and spirit

How It Works

We combine the discipline of equine accelerated learning with yogic exercises to create an experiential journey of transformation. Through guided group and individual practices, insights, and reflections offered by horses, hosts, and participants, you will:​

  • Bring light to the unconscious thought patterns, habits, and beliefs that hold you back

  • Discover the right questions to ask

  • Experience alignment inside and out 

  • Transform your life through an embodied experience of truth, clarity, and love



Herd Spirit retreat guests are invited to stay in a private cabin, nestled amongst the trees and gardens of Ananda's serene meditation retreat. All cabins are equipped with modest kitchens and bathrooms. Guests will receive catered vegetarian lunches and dinners during the program. Breakfast is on your own in the quiet of your cabin.


The property is located 6 miles from Ananda's main campus, where Herd Spirit too is located, and offers lush meditation gardens, a main lodge, and access to several hiking trails.  


Live Your Gift (Level 1) 

05/21/21 - 05/22/21

An unforgettable experience of embodied wisdom, growth, and transformation with horses awaits you! You will be forever changed.




Live Your Gift (Level 1)

07/30/21 - 07/31/21

An unforgettable experience of embodied wisdom, growth, and transformation with horses awaits you! You will be forever changed.



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Live Your Gift (Level 1)

09/24/21 - 09/25/21

An unforgettable experience of embodied wisdom, growth, and transformation with horses awaits you! You will be forever changed.




The equine workshop that I attended has changed my life in so many ways! Layer by layer I was peeled to the core of my true being.  Freeing me of the blocks and barriers I had surrounded myself with for “protection”.  I realized that this protection had, for many years, been stopping my growth and lessons on my life’s journey.  Protection for me was a way of not failing!  I highly recommend that everyone attend one of these amazing, powerful workshops.  You will come away with a new perspective and understanding of who you really are.  You learn “tools” you can use to keep you present in the moment so that you are on a non-stop “learning” experience as you move forward in life.  Much gratitude to the teachers for their wonderful teachings!”

Cindi B.

COVID-19 Guidelines

Herd Spirit Center is located in the heart of Ananda Village, a spiritual community with more than 200 full-time residents. Under normal conditions, Ananda Village is host to thousands of guests at its retreat centers, gardens, shops, and other facilities. All public facilities have been closed since March 2020.


Due to COVID-19, our retreats are limited to 8 participants and adhere to the following protocols:

  • Social-distancing 

  • Primarily outdoors

  • Masks required when indoors  

  • Cancellation with full refund available at the first sign of illness or exposure to COVID-19

  • Spirit of cooperation in keeping each other safe & healthy

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