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Mentorship for Equine Coaches

Ezra Marrow is an originator in the field of equine-guided coaching and growth work. Today, he offers mentorship to newcomers entering the field or those ready to take their practice to a new level. He brings his 25+ years of experience leading retreats and managing clients through the transformational journey of equine accelerated learning to his mentees. 

You will receive guidance and support to help you address challenges and issues, identify solutions, stay focused on what you need to do in order to create change, and mentoring on what the next steps are for you and your equine guided private practice.

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Judy A.

“Ezra is the finest, most powerfully transformative horseman and leader I have ever worked with. I am so thankful for all he has given to me, he is extraordinary as a teacher.

Molly T.

I want to highly recommend that everyone who is able to, try this experience. The energy of the horses is very gentle and sweet, and Gita’s guidance of the experience is masterful. The experience was very deep and profound for me. Each time I have had a session with the horses I have been blown away by the depth of clarity and inspiration which I have taken away from the experience. I am curious about other people’s experiences with this process. It has been a great blessing to me to do this work.

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Spiritual Equine Retreats

Are you living your gift? Do you know your dharma? What is your next step? If you are ready for change and looking for how, let the horse be your guide to your inner truth.


We offer multi-day workshops that feature equine accelerated learning, yoga and meditation, vegetarian meals, and other rejuvenating activities at Ananda Village, a spiritual community nestled in the Sierra Nevada foothills near Nevada City, California. 

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Custom Team Workshops

Heard Spirit facilitates equine accelerated learning and mindfulness workshops for groups of all kinds around the world.

We are experienced leaders in the corporate space, but also willing partners for organizations serving vulnerable and disenfranchised populations. 


We partner with local stables when we travel. Contact us to explore Herd Spirit coming to you.





Gita Matlock

Equine-guided life coaching is a journey toward your highest potential. You bring your whole self and are met with the skill and grace of the horses and your guide, Gita. We work as a team to support you to reach your goals, heal your relationships, and deepen your experience of joy in life.

This practice combines exercises pioneered in the field of equine-assisted learning with the profound inner practices of yoga to result in rapid, measurable, practical change in your life.


Guided Yoga & Meditation

with Horses

Whether you are a beginning yoga and meditation practitioner or have been an avid yogi for decades, you are invited to experience the power of the herd to deepen your spiritual life. 

Gita Matlock, equine facilitator and certified yoga and meditation teacher, will lead you through a series of spiritual techniques from the tradition of Kriya Yoga with the Herd as witness, partner, and healing presence. 


What People Say

From learning to relax in stressful situations to communicating my needs more clearly, and really seeing the me inside that I want to be.  I hadn't noticed all the limiting habits I had or how closed off I was to others, until a horse reflected it back to me, instantly!  I now challenge myself to stay conscious to these things.  The results for me have been truly amazing and they still continue.  Thank you, I feel so blessed by this experience."

Lisa C / Workshop Participant

The workshop was direct and simple - just follow the instructions, work with the horses and you will be transformed, and gain new insight into yourself.  It was truly amazing how the horses guided our group into a new level of thought/mind/body connection.  They became intuitive guides to understanding our body language, our thought patterns, and how to become more resilient.  The horses allowed me to feel like I was playing as a child again, but with the intention of an adult.  This program took our group from start to finish in working together, establishing more trust, creating better communication and deepening our team building!  It was top notch, all in one package!

Jeffrey T. / Leader / Young Presidents Organization